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     Rusty Buggy Communications is an imaginative publicity firm using multiple formats to help you promote your business. Billie and Robert Nicholson have developed an innovative style that blends creative artistry with traditional techniques. Are you a new business owner, just getting started, or a seasoned professional searching for a different approach?  Do you need a "new look" or do you want to get your message out to a larger audience?  Bring your ideas, dreams and products to the table and Billie and Robert will will cast the light of publicity on your ideas.

Techniques used to enhance your business:

  • Video promotions using internet resources
  • Online and traditional publications
  • Logos
  • Business portraits and publicity photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Press releases
  • Website updates
  • Rotational internet broadcasts
  • Building your client base
  • Social Media management (Facebook and/or Twitter)

Bridgette and John Garuti Wedding October 12, 2013

Hope for Julianna
Join us in supporting Julianna in her fight against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Pearl Harbor Survivors Honor Flight

We had a successful trip to Pearl Harbor with the Pensacola Pearl Harbor Survivors. To read about our adventures: Visit Pearl Harbor Honor Flight

Rotary Tree of Life

Honor a Loved One 

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